Change – The Only Constant

I have realised that change is like one of the oh-so-delicious treats you crave and want to keep on eating but at the same time, your internal monologue warns you, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. But we still try our best to eat the laddu (sweet) of change everyday and then complain. We think about how we can change our habits, behaviour and parenting. The list is never ending.

Right now our brains are wired with a few familiar and well worn roads of behaviour and patterns. We take these without giving it a second thought, since we are so accustomed to them. We need to realise and understand that when we want to do something differently, we need to create a new pathway in the brain.

This whole process takes time, practice and patience. We’ve all heard the saying, Rome was not built in a day. It stands very true. 

If you’re trying to change the way you respond or react to your kids, managing your feelings such as anger or anxiety, staying present through your kids’ big feelings or simply keeping relationships in sync; do not give up! It’s not easy to have a change in progress.

Change could be allotting certain chores to your child and helping them get more involved at home, discussing their changes in behaviour or expressing your emotions about your relationships with yourself and others.Even the tiniest change needs to be recognised and applauded.Give yourself a star, a mental pat on the back, a special treat, splurge on that beautiful outfit you always wanted, do what makes you happy.

It’s completely okay to be discouraged along the way, but don’t forget to celebrate the steps in the right direction. They may seem small and insignificant but they are paving the way for something much bigger. This is where growth begins. 

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12 thoughts on “Change – The Only Constant”

  1. Change for me is opportunity to experience something new, opportunity to break the monotony, to set things right, opportunity to grow.

    So in short Change is Opportunity !

  2. Change for me is to walk in to unknown path and find your way along the journey ….there are so many (mixed) feeling at same time.

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