I am Trupti.

If you are seeking someone to talk to you with empathy and respect, you are welcome to talk to me. I am a behavioral therapist specialising in personalised mental health care.

Therapy is easy.

Are you stressed? Depressed? Gripped by anxiety? Or do you just need someone to hear you out?

You're in the right place.

How can I help you?

Personal Counselling

For a one-on-one session to help deal with your emotional battles

Parenting Counselling

To know your parenting style and deal with parenting issues at all ages

Relationship Counselling

Help make your relationship more wholesome and stressfree


Empowering you to overcome personal and professional challenges

Sports Counselling

Sessions for the mental wellbeing of active sports persons

Career Counselling

Enabling you to take the most informed decisions about your livelihood


Creating awareness digitally on various aspects of mental health

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Webinars and more.

If you wish to explore various aspects of mental health awareness and education, we invite you to register for monthly webinars. Registration is free.