The only journey is the journey within.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Relationship Counselling

Often relationships go sour, communication breaks down or distrust creeps in and relationships that were once a source of happiness, reach a bitter end due to unresolved hurts, unmet needs, disappointments and unrealistic expectations. Therapy creates a safe and conducive space for individuals to communicate without hurting each other, understand without judging and create a better understanding of their individual needs and sometimes, it helps us move on from a relationship that is beyond repair.

  • Couple Counselling
  • Moving on After A Breakup
  • Lack of Trust in the Relationship
  • Unhappy Marriage
  • Rekindling Love in The Relationship
  • Dealing with Cheating or Infidelity

Parenting Counselling

I know that you are here because your life as a parent has become a bit challenging than it is supposed to be isn’t it? You’ve may have tried many things but none of them work long term? You just don’t know what to do: Be it Temper Tantrums of Toddlers, young adults or the mood swings & Eye rolling of Teenagers or be it just simple understanding and assurance of knowing your own unique parenting style I will help you navigate through these challenging moments as a parent.

Whatever your struggle, you might be frustrated, busy, stressed-out and your child is disrespectful, not listening, controlling, talking back or on Social Media every time, I can help you achieve parenting harmony and success. 


Personal Counselling

Depression, fear and anxiety are some of the most common problems faced by people as a direct result of our current lifestyle. The source for these emotions could be personal or professional but it can cause chaos in our lives and can affect our everyday functioning. Through one-on-one counselling, I will be able to help you understand the source of these emotions, motivate you to see things positively differently and add joy to your life. Together we can help you get back on your confident and happy feet.

LGBTQIA+ Counselling

The challenges for the community largely stem from acceptance both in the personal and professional space. Whilst as a community we have made huge steps towards being confident in one’s own skin, society at large still needs a large amount of learning towards you. I have counselled numerous members from the community who have faced challenges because of incidents rooted in childhood experiences and parental acceptance which affect every aspect of their adult life including relationships and careers. Through consistent counselling, we can bridge these gaps together and help you find holistic harmony.

Sports Counselling

Sport players go through myriad emotions through their career as an amateur to a professional…lack of motivation, struggling with rehabilitation after an injury, performance pressure, self-doubt are a few of the challenges that sports persons face on a daily basis. Consistent counselling can help them unlock their inhibiting factors that stop them from meeting their true potential. 

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