Relationships Made Easy

Experience, understand and empower yourself to create a positive, zero-conflict relationship with yourself, and those around you. This webinar will aim to you with

  • Understanding the WHY of all the conflicts in our lives,
  • Learning HOW you can overcome the challenges of communicating your emotions, and
  • Knowing WHAT to do when your are caught in an emotional warfare within your relationship.

Parenting Made Easy

Understand and appreciate of rightly influencing your child, as opposed to controlling your child, by using 5 easy unlearning techniques to experience peaceful parenting. Here you will:

  • Learn, understand, and recognise your own parenting style.
  • How to move away from your own childhood conditioning to be a peaceable parent.
  • How to control your own emotions while dealing with your child’s tantrums.
  • Easy techniques to practice Positivie Parenting.
  • How digital detoxing will help improve your child’s behavioural problems.

First Step With Sex-Ed

For parents of kids between the ages of 4 and 9 years of age. This workshop aims to  cover the what, when and how questions with regards to sex education while aiming to empower parents to have open conversation with their children. It aims to address the following:

  • How to deal with sexual curiosity?
  • What to do to keep your child safe?
  • When not to be influenced by personal conditioning and experiences?

Step-up with Sex-Ed

For parents with kids aged 10 yrs and above, This workshop aims to empower parents to recognise the fact that their child is a “sexual being”. The workshop will share knowledge about the sexual challenges and travails faced by your tweenies. It aims to address the following:

  • What are the physical and emotional changes your child is going through?
  • How to have an effective open ongoing conversation using appropriate terminology?
  • Why your child needs space, respect and time?
  • When to bridge the gap between control and letting go?

Enhance. Inspire. Empower.

I host webinars on a periodic basis, on a variety of mental health topics including the ones mentioned above. I would love to have you attend some of these and benefit from them. Do share your details with me and I will update you of I upcoming webinars. I promise to respect your privacy.