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The Need to Express

This weekend I was busy thinking about the topic on which to plan my next webinar, but my mind was stuck on one of the consultations that I took last week. It was one of those sessions where you wish you were around right from the beginning to make the patient better but nevertheless; I am happy that I am able to support and help the person now. The reason why it has stayed with me was because of the reason for all the unhappiness, the inability to express EMOTIONS.

Do you know?

Emotions, one of the basic instincts we all are born with but as we grow older, we tend to mask them. It is amazing because we can think of so many words to express how the weather is or how the food was at the restaurant, or even the shade of the lipstick or the clothes we choose to wear, the list is unending.

But when it comes to expressing, our ability to name our experience is often very limited and we just know words like Sad, Mad, Angry, Happy, Excited, Irritated, etc….

Now there is nothing wrong with this list, but we all need to start expressing ourselves beyond these usual choices of words. We as Human beings have an amazing spectrum of emotions but we limit ourselves to a limited few.

I understand that it also comes from our age-old cultural background of keeping our emotions in check and very little importance has been given towards our emotional quotient and its understanding, but now you have an opportunity to yourself.

You have a chance to name your experiences and emotions – even the tricky, unexplainable, uncomfortable, confusing ones.

Naming our feelings, help us manage our feelings.

As part of experience sharing, I have mentioned below a feeling chart/feeling wheel for your quick reference. See if you can find a word to describe how you’re feeling right now.Use this Emotions Wheel to express yourself and if you are a parent then you can also share it with your kids so they know the correct emotional vocabulary to express more accurately and clearly what they are feeling and experiencing.

Maybe there will be more than one word that fits. Maybe you’ll be more of a mix. There’s no right or wrong, the idea is to expand your emotional vocabulary and  to help you learn to tune into your feelings and have a way to know and express them so you are understood more easily and clearly.

Having a clear understanding of your emotions and being able to express it, not only makes you more assertive but also makes your communication much more clearer which in turn leads to great relationships and a deeper connection with yourself and others around you.

Sometimes, you might still struggle to find the exact description of how you feel, but that’s okay. Don’t push yourself to know each and everything because you have to also accept that life doesn’t always fit in a neat and tidy box. Be kind to yourself in this process of learning and growing and give yourself a chance to understand and express!

I would love to hear you express your thoughts about what I shared and whether it helped you learn a little bit more about yourself.

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  1. Agreed. Majority of professional or personal relationships gets disturbed because one/both party failed to express themselves

  2. Indeed Trupti many of us censor our emotions we must learn to express them in an appropriate way and should reciprocate in an apt manner in responding to others emotions as well !!

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