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It’s been a long since I connected with all of you lovely people out there, but as you will read on you will understand the reason behind this absence.So go ahead, enjoy, and read on to experience life with a fresh perspective.

It was somewhere around Oct or Nov of 2021 that I began prepping myself for my first solo trekking trip in the Himalayas ( Everest Base Camp ) to be precise. At that time, I was also simultaneously recovering from my ACL surgery in my left knee and many other emotional challenges associated with it. But hearing the amazing experience my husband had on his maiden trek to EBC in 2008, I was quite kicked about it since a long time and was really working hard to achieve the fitness that was required, both physical and mental, for the same. My EBC trek was scheduled for April 2023 but we were struck by a massive health scare where my better half was hospitalised for nearly 16 days in the ICU through the month of April itself.

The trek was had to be cancelled indefinitely since I was busy taking care of my husband and I had to focus on getting things back on track though the lure of mountains did keep on cropping in my head now n then. In between the hospital follows ups and getting used to the diagnosis, honestly it did feel sometimes like I was summitting our own Everest, but it was as if destiny wanted to throw some more hurdles at us and in the next couple of months I ended up injuring my right knee, same injury, an ACL tear. So even though the mountains really looked far far away but still me being me, I wanted to summit all these challenges and not give up my desire to trek. And it happened one fine day when my dear husband surprised me with the booking of my first solo trek to Kedarkantha in Uttarakhand in the April 2023 this year, last month. “Jee le apni zindagi”, it seemed he was saying to me through this gesture.

This trek no doubt changed my life extensively. It was like experiencing and learning about  life in such a mesmerising way that I felt that I should share my experience and learnings through this blog. So here are a few of my top learnings for you to get inspired, and hopefully will help in summitting your own Everests that life throws up…

The journey between “ YOU CAN DO IT to YOU DID IT “

When we look at the various pictures of the beautiful mountains it looks easier to climb but mountains are mountains. You will get super exhausted, your back will hurt, you will be as cold as the snow around you and not to forget the dirt and tears of fatigue.

But none of these will matter when you reach the top and see what you have conquered and accomplished. My first day of the trek started with constantly telling myself you can do this Trupti ..one step at a time, and believe me on the last day when I saw where I have reached the transition from You can Do it to YOU DID IT was simply outstanding and encouraging for an entire lifetime.

You Can Be Friends With Anyone In The World

People are generally good in nature and I saw this more clearly in my first meeting with my fellow trekkers. People from all walks of life came together and encouraged each other to get over the challenges, laughed to discourage the fatigue and it felt as if the quote from William Keats “ There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met” actually came alive in the mountains. I am ever so grateful to the mountains for introducing me to an amazing bunch of fellow trekkers whom I can lovingly call my friends now.

Most Challenges in our life are Self Inflicted

When I was trekking in the Himalayas, I was disconnected from the outside world for a week. For the first time in my life, I was without any stress or worries. I didn’t have to check my Facebook or Insta feed, I didn’t have to worry about emails, I didn’t have to stay up-to-date with the news, I didn’t have to worry about my husband’s medication and I didn’t have to worry about our son (who btw was on his own trip to Egypt, for the first time without family). I felt happier being truly disconnected from things that did not matter and things that did. I was doing this for myself and I felt no guilt experiencing it.

Yes, I agree I had a few moments when I terribly missed my Bumpy and the guilt of not being there for my hubby’s birthday made me sick to the verge of crying and experiencing physical pain, but then there was a moment when I reached the top and I looked around I felt so little, my worries, my thoughts, my demands, my expectations, felt ridiculously infinitely small in front of those majestic peaks and only the feeling of humble gratitude crossed my mind and body. That feeling of how insignificant we are in the larger scheme of things never gets old.

So go ahead and disconnect yourself sometimes to feel the connection with yourself, because eventually, that is what will keep all the other relations and emotions alive.

Be Curious

Nothing drives us to achieve more than our own curiosity. It has been the keystone of human evolution & development since the beginning of time. My humble adventure began with a curiosity about what the Himalayas would look like if I stood among them. It encouraged me to actually live that curiosity and that pushed me through the various obstacles in life. The gratitude I experienced helped me look at relations with family & friends in a very different way. As long as you have the curiosity to do something new, your life will be an endless adventure.

So these are a few learnings that I derived from my maiden trek and I hope it encourages you as well to look at life in a different way and find your North Star. This is an entirely different way to experience self-love!!

As always would love to hear from you about what inspires you, who knows you  may motivate someone to summit their own mountain for that fresh breathe of self love and resilience.


14 thoughts on “Learnings From the Mountains”

  1. Very nice. Well scripted.
    Can U pl stretched it little more and share yr experience of this trek, what hurdles one has to face, how to overcome it etc etc
    This will help someone who wish to do but has some reservations or fear.
    I hv already started writing my experience and should be completed soon

    1. truptioaknatekar@gmail.com

      thank u milind , yes sure thats a good idea ..look forward to reading your article soon

  2. Girija Gondhalekar

    Dear Trupti,
    I personally believe that treks are best way to understand self, life, people, nature and the universe. It is extremely meditative. Your experience reminded me of the treks I used to go on to in my school days. Reading your post made me nostalgic about those days, the immense self motivation during the climb and the ecstasy after completing the trek. May you get many more chances to explore the enigmatic mountains all over the world!

  3. Sounds magical and the feat so magnus…hats off to my dearest friend who never fails to surprise me with crossing new challenges, pushing boundaries and always looking to broaden her horizons. May life continue to keep you exploring and reaching greater heights.

  4. Very well written Trupti 👍🏼
    It must have been a truly amazing experience I am sure 👌🏼

  5. Shrikant Joshi

    Simply brilliant..Some immortal life lessons..Very gripping write up ( as it comes straight from your heart ). You are a true fighter the way you overcame your own injuries and stood firmly like mountain during health issues of Mandar and completed your first Himalaya trek is a story in itself.. Bravo for your amazing adventure and this brilliant blog.. Explore and move up and ahead !!!

  6. Congratulations and Thank you for being candid.
    Couldn’t agree more. Himalayas for me a recourse too when life gets overwhelming. The calm that you feel despite all the physical and emotional struggle is pure bliss . To many more Treks 🥂

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