Parenting in 2024

Hello and Welcome to the year 2024 !!

Now that we have all settled into the new year, I would like to draw your attention to the amazing learnings from various parent counseling sessions I did last year.

All the chaos, the feeling of frustration of not being heard by your child, the feeling of losing control, the worry line that comes with your teenager’s mood swings, and in general the infinite moments of HELPLESSNESS…

But worry not, what you will read ahead will help you with your parenting journey with not only ease and happiness but more importantly with lots of calm and respect for yourself.

Always remember it STARTS with YOU!

Be kind to yourself, remember that if you are entangled in your emotional mess then how are you going to make it simple for others? Understand your triggers and the difficult situations that make you spiral so that you can ASK FOR HELP to sort them out. Celebrate small wins, especially those that you have made an effort to control and navigate with calm.


When you come from a place of a calm mind, you will be able to express yourself better and your child will model your behavior of calmness when met with challenges, and not resort to anger, harsh words, or a rude tone. Explore coping and calming mechanisms that work for yourself, because once you learn to regulate your emotions you will be able to balance your child’s outburst in a much better understanding way.


The best way to establish honest and open communication with your children and the people around you is to LISTEN. Empathize and never trivialize your child’s point of view. Sometimes you need to keep the adult logic aside to communicate with your kids’ challenges. Never solve your child’s problems for them, instead communicate and brainstorm various ideas to overcome those challenges.


The most important part of being a parent is to maintain the connection without being overbearing or overwhelming. Look for creative age-appropriate ways to make your child feel seen, heard, and loved by you. Never try to take away your love and attention as a consequence of their actions no matter what.

I hope that in the coming days, these tips will help you build a strong foundation for parenting with love, grace, and respect. These suggestions could be your starting point or a way to rebuild or even reset your parenting journey. It’s fine if you stumble or make mistakes, what is important is to get up with grace and compassion for yourself and move on with the learnings from the mistakes.

Always remember,

Being a parent can be tough, but just remember that in your child’s eyes, no one does it BETTER than YOU !

8 thoughts on “Parenting in 2024”

  1. Very beautifully articulated Trupti! As you said everything starts with YOU and I so resonate with this thought because the circle of control says you can only control your thoughts and your behaviour. Hence we need to first connect with ourselves and the results would be fabulous. We will be in a position to accept others too!

    1. thank you so much Hemali.You are doing a fabulous job of helping people identify their uniqueness and highlight it through your guidance of Image Consulting.Cheers to you

  2. Vishwas V. Deshmukh

    Good article………

    To be connected with the child it is necessary to have proper communication which will boost the confidance among the children. Many a times parent being good communicator they compare the progress ( educational, social, etc) of the child with the siblings, with the society and with the world which may cause advers impact on the overall growth of the child.
    Instead what I think is, being a parent you should learn to be a contributor and create the ideas for the children to contribute. Contribution can be of any form a social help, educational help, a support to needy etc.. which according to me is a good way of communicating with children and appreciating them for their work.

    Prof. Vishwas Deshmukh

  3. This is an especially important article that will be of immense help to parents.
    It is indeed a joy to see that you are now part of our Counselling team at Ashok and Ashok One Hospitals, where we provide Total Person care with Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, and Innovation, not just for our patients but also for their family and the community.

    1. Hello Dr Mathew ,

      Thank you so much for your reply . I feel honoured to be part of Ashok & Ashok One Hospitals. Thank you for the honour .

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